Friday, May 11, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"Every child begins the world again."-Henry David Thoreau

Circuitbending installation updates

Treatment for Final Installation

I plan on creating a video installation centering on a circuit bent sega genesis. This installation will be a reflection on the state of technology today, concentrating on how antiquated, still functional technological devices fall into disuse. Inspired by Nam June Paik’s fascination with alternate uses of manufactured devices and objects, I will rehouse a sega genesis video game console in an antique electric radiator, which is stylized uncharacteristically of its time period. This will create an anachronism representing unexplored technological potential. The contrast between the modern, yet outmoded genesis, and the ornately styled radiator, which would fill no role outside of decoration if used today; explicates the short life span of devices that are created to only exist in the time period they were created.
By circuit bending the genesis, I am expanding its functionality in a way that explores the possibilities of the circuit, not originally intended in its design. By rewiring points on the circuit through a self-designed patch bay interface, unpredictable glitches affecting pixel size and color in the televised image will occur.
These modifications should not be seen as an improvement, but instead, a demonstration in unexplored potential of a technological device, which would otherwise be forgotten due to its outmoded nature.
I will be designing the patch bay in a manner that will be easily accessible and controllable by any passing observer. I intend to involve the viewer so that they may gain perspective on the root to end, in the genesis’s image generation process. The circuitry of the genesis will be exposed to allow a basic understanding of where the video signal comes from, and the patch bay will be approachable for any viewer to allow for interactivity in the installation.
The video signal will be split into 4 or more televisions of varying size and age, laid out in a circular formation surrounding the genesis. This will create an immersive environment, showcasing electronics from different ages and making the video less easy to ignore.